Receiving an email from who already passed away.

October 27, 2005

Recently I bought a text book for my study, and it had a typo. so I send an email to the authors about that and hoped to be corrected after. After sending my email, I got an instant and automatic reply from one of the authors, former professor of stanford university. That said He already passed away Aug, 2004 and it indicated two more email address for the case I need to contact more.

Alas, It’s not a pleasant feeling to receive an email from who already died but I believed to exist in this world.


2 Responses to “Receiving an email from who already passed away.”

  1. When it comes from a relative or friend who just passed away, it’s even more of a shocker.

    On the other hand, good for you to contact the author about fixing a text book. I wish more people had that initiative. Makes the world a better place. While we ARE on this planet.

  2. hi…ni have heared once TEHMINA means the one who wrongly blames”nBUt precious and gorgios is its meaning in persian!nwhat is the right meaning.

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